Data Visualization of NYTimes

I read a piece of news before which said biases against women still pervade many places on the Internet. For example, Wikipedia was supposed to use the expertise of thousands of editors who write the articles and try to make sure they are accurate and unbiased. However, some editors on it are men and editors has skewed Wikipedia’s coverage towards topics of interest to males.

This makes me think a lot. I’d like to know how female’s status has changed in the society. The understanding towards female affect our society a lot. And to understand the societal status of female, feminism can be seen as an important index.

Then I explored the feminism-related words’ frequency during 1900-2014 on the New York Times and tried to get a glimpse of  the trend of attention the society has paid to female.

I connected the NYT Article Search API, and caught the Keywords in every year’s article– Feminism, Sexual Liberty, Female Politician, and the antonym of Feminism — Paternalism. Then I made the data visualization in Processing to analyze and display these data information.


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