Reading Assignment- Class1 Network Media

This week’s reading material was so hard for me to understand! I found out it was a article from 1945, no wonder it was not easy to try to decode his ideas. However, I tried my best to relate.One thing the author claimed is that recording is very important for science. I totally agree with that. How are we suppose to store what we have learnt and communicate it to other people if there is no method of recording? How can we even learn things from the past without recording tools? It is very interesting to read what the author wished back in 1945 from now. He mentioned about the value of photography. It is easy for us to copy and print materials in library today, not to mention we are using CMOS in cameras. He must be very jealous! I really want to show him our world today! Imagine if he see how Internet works. Some of his anticipations and ideas sound really like the prototype of computer and other digital stuffs today. And some conceptions sound really like how our network system is working today. More important, the author realized that it is not hard to provide a good concept, but it really matters can it be practical enough to be produced in a large number. I found the author’s idea and the way he look and think about the world very inspiring to me. Although I still don’t fully understand everything he tried to express there, I understand it is important for designers to think bravely and to look far than anyone else. It is important to be visionary.