Arcade Game in Process (4.1 - 4.15)

This week and last week, Xi and I focus on the over all design and the fabrication things of our game. We tried BIG MONSTER CNC... It's difficult to get well with... but it's really powerful. It's so hard and we spent a lot of time on fabrication , but we still feel happy about we are starting to have some progress. The only awful  thing is the stuff we cut all Saturday has been thrown since shop clean all the things on last Sunday...(The ridiculous thing is we stick our name on them and put them in exactly right place.. We think they just thought our pieces of things were so weird and ignored them..)

First, we discuss the game mechanics. We decided  to make multiple player game which is available for 1-4 people play at the same time. Basically, is a shooting game. Player' s goal is controlling their robot , shooting the mountains, and get as more candy as they can.(Some candy hidden in the hills, giant hill need be shot several times, but may hidden more candy.) When there are multiple player play the game, they can shot each other, the stroked robot will get freeze and a candy he has grabbed will get back to the space. When there are 4 players, players will be separated to two group. When you team member get freeze, you can save him by running to him and just touching him.

And here is the things we need to figure out in next 3 weeks.

Fabrication in this two weeks

Since we decide to make a multiple player Arcade game, it present we are having a lot of thing to do. We have borrow the monitor from ER, it's quite small only 22inch(The biggest one we can borrow ). So we need to design our Arcade based on the small size screen and limit the whole size of our Arcade. We also do a lot of user test on the floor, hoping we have the best table height for most people.

Here is the design sketch of the Arcade game.

Then Xi made cabinet models in Vectorworks.

And then we cut all the things in CNC.