Proposal about Agricultural problem

This week, I focused on the research of current agriculture problem in China.

China is the most populars country in the world,  it has 1.3 billion people, almost22% of world population. However, the available land for China is only7% of the global land. It's undoubtedly that Agriculture in China are confronting big challenges. 

After research on related material, I found there are some main problem in China's Agriculture.

First. Climate Monitoring.

Farmers in China don't have technology way to monitor Climate, Most of them rely on their experience. Even if high technology can make climate monitoring get more  accurate,it's still  unpractical to apply generally in rural China. Climate Monitoring should be low energy less expense, and as accurate as possible.

In  thunen institute, they use Unmanned Aerial Vehicle to take pictures of the field , and  by analyzing chromatographic, they can then determine the estimated time of harvest , identify plant diseases and estimate yield of the field.

Second . Weather Forecast.

Weather Forecast is also important for the agriculture, It can avoid unnecessary loss of the field. Farmers need to received signals of weather , and make decision according to the weather change.

Third . Shortage of Labor.

Nowadays, Farmers in China don't so rely on their own land , cause land cannot give them much profit than working in urban city. More and more Young people in countryside chose to live their home to live and work in cities. The shortage of labor is another problem in China.

Forth. Different duration of crops.

Different Crops have different durations, how to make a plenty use of soil based on planting different crops in different time of the year. How to plant them scientifically is also a challenge.

My idea  is  to use multiple sensor(humility, temperature, different gas) monitor the cultivation environment, this data will send to agricultural  experts group to let them analyze the data. And then they will give technical advice to farmers to help them make plan. Also , there are sensors to monitor weather situation, and by analyzing the data, they may send the alert and informations to farmer to help them plant crops in correct time and  hire the labor before busy season.