Week6 Data Personalization- Some Ideas

For this week's data personalization class, we ask to think about some ideas about the database we 'd like to make. At first, I'd like to make a healthy meal plan app that people can make, collect their meal plan (basic on how many calories and nutritions they had for a meal, and they can also see how other people have for their meal. ) It's more useful for group of people who want to keep healthy or keep fit.


The second idea is what in my bag. People can collect bag's data, what they bring when they work, shopping or study. What they bring if they want to have a trip to other place. They can remember what they bring with them, what the things they like to use, the stories behind the things and they may also know how about  other people's bag.

Other ideas based on the second one is how to keep my room clean and neat (you 'll ask to tidy up you stuff on you desk or closet or bookcase) and keep the things you thinks most important for you and keep it in the database. Tidy things is really really a good habit especially when you are living in the city like Manhattan.

Also have an idea about 21 day habit, like you collect the time you do something and grow it as a habit. Haven't think it clearly. 

Or I'm also think about collecting some thing about people's shopping habit.. but it's too personality, I'm not sure if there are people like to collect this kind of data in public.