Live web midterm proposal

For the midterm, I have bunch of ideas. At first I want to do some thing with face tracking and Video chatting. I think it will be interesting if you talk with familiar friends with unfamiliar faces, and it may also affect the way and the things you are talking about.  

Here are some ideas,  for the fifth idea, for example, I'd like to use face tracking library to track people 's face, and detect users' emotion score during the conversation. And also calculate how long he's speaking. If he speak too much or he's getting angry, his head will change to a wolf head or a tiger head. If he has a very happy mood and like listening to others, his face will change to a rabbit or other kind animal's head. I want to use a visual way to translate people's relationship during a conversation. Sometimes we may not have any ideas that we are too ambitious or a little bit impolite in a conversation. This application may help us correct our attitude and change bad emotions in a conversation and help building healthy relationship.

The tricky part for this idea is face tracking won't be reliable all the time, sometime it may have wrong result, and it will affect the experience. And another part is there is noway to calculate people's speaking time. But I like this idea so much..

Another idea I like so much is I want to build a collaborate drawing game, and everything you drew on the canvas can generate notes(music), Other user's drawing elements can have interaction with yours. Every elements in that world have rigid body and have gravity and may also collide with other elements. Every time they collide each other, sound generated.